AMTRAK: The Future of Travel
This rebrand of our nationally recognized train system pushes Amtrak into the future while still holding onto its integrity.
The Problems
- The demand for sustainable public transportation has skyrocketed as America continues to urbanize.
- Amtrak has pledged to expand its system by 2035, including dozens of new railways and bus routes, but there are still many people in the country who have never ridden the train. 
- Currently, their brand doesn’t reflect the powerful position Amtrak wishes to occupy.
The Solution
A new logo, livery, and app update with the gives Amtrak an unforgettable identity in the states.
Creative Strategy
The future of travel is here
Phase VII of Amtrak’s brand will communicate everything its predecessors do: speed, quality, and efficiency, while also asking a new question: what does the future of travel look like? It’s comfortable and easy, but most importantly, it works with the earth. A more contemporary approach to imagery expresses Amtrak racing towards a more accessible, more energy efficient America.
What I Did
-  Brand Identity
-  Creative Strategy
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  UI/UX

What does the future of travel look like?
It’s not flying cars — it’s sustainable, affordable, accessible transportation. Something that works with the land, not against it. The world needs transportation systems that support it and you, which Amtrak does with more speed and comfort than any other option in the country.
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