Autonomy: DIY Online Car Repair
Autonomy is a step-by step car repair app with diagnostic capabilities.
- Auto repair resources are often inaccessible and difficult to decipher.
- Fixing your own car can be intimidating.
- It’s hard to know what’s wrong with your car without taking it in for an often expensive evaluation.

We’ve got what you need to feel in control. Unlike other auto maintenance services, Autonomy’s emphasis is on education and instruction. Our goal is for you to learn to fix basic car problems yourself and no longer have to rely on roadside assistance or pricey mechanics.
Creative Strategy
Be your own mechanic.
The logo is instantly recognizable as an automotive brand, while also steering away from the stereotypical red and communicating forward motion. Blocky vector elements and dynamic sketches play together throughout the brand, creating a sense of strength without losing that DIY, in-motion feel. 
What I Did
-  Brand Identity
-  Name and Logo
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  UI/UX
-  Illustration

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