Gilded: The truth about our most valuable metal
Gilded is a visual novel telling the unfiltered story of gold.
- By romanticizing and coveting gold, we’ve created an exploitative industry around it.
- The majority of commercial gold is illegally mined by underpaid workers in unsafe conditions.
We’re giving you the truth about gold, from its rise as a religious idol to its position as the world’s most valuable and violent metal. Gilded visually explains gold’s allure and humanity’s obsession with it, showing the good the bad and the ugly.
Creative Strategy
Tarnished Luxury
This book relies on dark, dramatic images, a minimal color palette, and serif type to communicate grandeur that has been corrupted. Rococo elements juxtaposed with harsh lines and chiseled type gives this book a foreboding voice that will captivate the reader in the same way that gold has captivated us all.
What I Did
-  Naming
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  Publication Design
-  Art Direction

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