Richard's Almanac: A history and analysis of American penis culture
Richard's Almanac explores the many connotations of the penis.
- The penis has become a symbol loaded with meaning. Its size, shape, and even its presence can indicate what kind of person you are. This gives a lot of unnecessary power to genitalia.
- The penis’ diverse, often conflicting cultural connotations can be used to discriminate and tear others down. The culture surrounding the penis is one of judgment, insecurity, and entitlement.
This visually arresting coffee table book walks you through how the penis came to mean more than it should. From funny dick jokes to fatal transphobia, Richard’s Almanac shows how harmful all of the emotional and cultural connotations we’ve assigned to the penis have become. The ultimate goal of this book is to ask the reader: Why do you care so much about what’s in your pants?
Creative Strategy
Too much stock in the cock
This visual style relies on maximalism to convey all the unnecessary weight society has given the penis. Using crude humor, image collages, and hand-drawn type and doodles, Richard’s Almanac keeps the reader engaged during potentially uncomfortable topics. The analog and textured elements throughout the book make it feel like you’re looking at the desk of Richard himself.
What I Did
-  Naming
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  Publication Design
-  Illustration
-  Book Binding

The Cockolypse
This arresting campaign baits the viewer with a large penis. Using images of different impending apocalypses, it illustrates America’s phallic obsession by hyperbolizing its affect on our lives. Utilizing the same handwriting as the print publication, there is a clear connection between the ads and the book without exhausting the same collage style.
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