Tally: Elections Made Simple
Tally is an app that virtually assists Americans throughout the voting process.
- The American election process is confusing. Almost half of Americans under 30 say voting is not convenient or straightforward.
- Lines in polling places are long, frustrating, and act as a deterrent.
- Discrepancies in election-process-know-how contribute to and are perpetuated by disenfranchisement and the socioeconomic gap.
Tally is the only virtual voting guide that assists voters through the American election process, from registering to vote to the moment you cast your ballot. Our app works both as an educational tool that includes interactive guides as well as an infrastructure streamliner including remote queuing.
Creative Strategy
Simplifying your process. Amplifying your voice.
Tally’s bold, primary colors, geometric graphics, and sans-serif type allow the app to be easily understood by all. Steering away from photography, this brand boils complexity down to simplicity. Lines used as supergraphics visually echo tally marks. The logo itself expresses one voice being heard above a crowd, while also nodding to a vintage ballot switch.
What I Did
-  Brand Identity
-  Name and Logo
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  UI/UX

The Tally app is a user-focused experienced built to making the voting process as quick and painless as possible. It includes planning and instruction tools as well as disability assistance. Explore the app on your own here.
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