Unity: Name and Gender Support
Unity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting transgender individuals through the process of legally changing their name and/or gender.
- The legal name change process is more complicated and difficult for transgender people, with scattered resources and contradicting instructions.
- The legal name and gender change process can be dangerous for trans people, especially in states where they’re forced to publish their name change.
- When going through this process, it’s easy to feel alone.
We know how high the hurdles are for trans people trying to legally change their name. Unity is here to help you jump over them. We ensure equal accessibility through our user friendly app and website so that efficient, clear, and safe solutions are available to every transgender American who needs them.
Creative Strategy
Providing a path to becoming you
This brand uses friendly, hand-drawn illustrations to make the user feel like they’re not in this alone. The logo conveys a human touch, while also communicating that Unity can simplify the name-change process. The ability to create your own custom avatar for the chatroom is an important aspect of this brand, as it helps foster individual and communal identity.
What I Did
-  Brand identity
-  Name and Logo
-  Copywriting
-  Advertising
-  UI/UX
-  Web Design
-  Illustration
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